Hello, I'm Anna-Maria 

I base my educational events on scientific research as a nutritionist and herbalist, my clinic experience and the many years of being with women during births and in the postpartum.

My passion is to make you informed about your physical and mental health so you can do life with confidence and wisdom. Everything comes down to caring for yourself and have the support you need. Join me at these live events so you can get your questions answered and feel supported on your life journey.

If you have any questions please get in touch. I am here to help.


Services & Knowledge

Burth Doula Services

Dance is an activity that gets your body moving and your heart pumping. It is only natural that the two would come together for a fun and effective workout. 



My brand new training program has just launched, and it has something for everyone! Whether you’re an advanced dancer or a total beginner, you’ll have.



Finding a workout routine that excites you is the best place to start, but here are 4 other daily habits that will keep you motivated to reach your goals.